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Sophie Elkus

Dressing Room Decor

Gray Malin and I had way too much fun last summer when he came over with some prints to style (as evidenced by the below photo of him in my shoe closet…)  so, we had to do it again!

You may remember this post, when we styled one of his popular Amalfi Coast prints, or these snapshots from the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year when we photographed his ski prints in Utah. This time the focus is on his Sunrise Print, which is a brand-new piece for his Prada Marfa collection. Has anyone actually seen this Prada art installation in Texas in person? It’s been on my list for a while – it seems like the coolest place. I love the contrast of the high fashion element placed in the middle of quiet desert. The gorgeous sunset behind it doesn’t hurt either.

One thing I admire about Gray’s sense of style and design is that no small detail goes unnoticed. His gorgeous showroom and office in LA is styled to perfection (I’ll have to get in there and snap some photos to show you). Instead of just arranging a bookshelf with coffee table reads he has frames, candles, mini Veuve Clicquot bottles, personal photos and flowers mixed in together with his art. It all comes together to create a more unique and personal space. His team works among this area and I can’t imagine the bright space doesn’t hurt the creativity in that room! I think the space where you’re working (especially in a creative field) is just as important as the work you’re actually doing and it can play more of a role than people realize in productivity, mood, and outcome. Gray’s space definitely encourages me to spruce up my own desk area and closet at home.

I have one of Gray’s Amalfi Coast prints in my bedroom in the medium size, which fits the space perfectly and adds so much life and color to the room. I used to think bigger was better in terms of sizing (why not, right?) but I have a new affinity for smaller prints too because they can transform any little corner of a space into something special. It’s so easy to add personality to a small area with a small print (and they make great gifts too).

I love Gray’s cowboy print (styled below last summer) mixed in with shoes and coffee table books.  Which would you choose for your home?

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