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Sophie Elkus

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Cabo with Beach Riot

As promised I wanted to give you a full run down of my stay at the gorgeous Cape Hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to stay in Cabo, I’d definitely recommend The Cape.  I didn’t work with the hotel for my trip so this isn’t sponsored, but I really loved the setting, pool area, views and menus. The architecture has a bit of a European-Mexican fusion feel, but the owner of the hotel is Mexican and we were told that he put a lot of thought into making the space feel authentic and not just another branch of a big hotel chain (the Cape is part of the Thompson Group).

I know Cabo is such a go-to destination for a lot of California (and the US in the general) but I honestly kind of temporarily forgotten about it until now. I think it’s because the last time I was in Cabo it was probably spring break during my sophomore year of college with my sorority (well more like the entire USC campus), and let’s just say it was a much different vibe than this trip. We packed five girls into a room at the ME hotel on the other side of Cabo, and my memories include a lot of Mango Deck, El Squid Roe (I swear this place is not structurally sound and you don’t want to be there during an earthquake or fire), not a wink of sleep due to the hotel walls shaking from speakers (not that we were sleeping), and eating at whatever place was convenient instead of really exploring the good restaurants Cabo has to offer. If I sound like a grandma yet, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and that was a REALLY fun time that had its place, but these days my ideal speed is a little different. The point of this story is that now that I’ve experienced Cabo again, I have a reignited love for the food, drinks, beach vibes and ambiance and I can’t wait to be back.

Luckily Sivan and I are on the same page about pretty much everything, and we both wanted a super relaxing girls trip with good food, cocktails, plenty of lazy tanning time in the cabanas and of course, great photos! Our days went something like this: morning shoot, breakfast in the cabana, nap in the cabana, lunch in the cabana… you get it. At night we explored all the restaurants in the hotel, ordered craft cocktails from the beachside bars and talked and laughed for hours. One night we ordered in room service and stayed up story telling in our bathrobes. Three days went by in the blink of an eye.

(I wore this red tassel dress to cocktail hour on the rooftop bar, paired with my blue beaded drop earrings. It was the perfect look for a festive evening).

The Cape is located in an area of Cabo that seems to be redeveloped these days, with lots of new hotels popping up. On one side is the gorgeous beach, but directly behind the hotel is a bit of no-mans desert land. It feels secluded, but the drive from the airport was only about thirty minutes.  I loved that it was overall pretty quiet and peaceful (instead of being a deliberate party hotel), but it still had plenty of live music and a chill scene happening.  It has an amazing rooftop bar that stood out to me, and we’d go up there to watch the sunset and listen to a live band. If you’re there with your boyfriend, go up there!

Highlights of the trip also included Sivan befriending a lizard (more like it kept popping out of nowhere to stalk her). I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard when it hopped up onto her cabana bed and peed onto her towel. It’s the little moments, right?

Above; laughing about something; most likely the lizard… and both wearing our floral halter suits.

We were in Cabo with Beach Riot, a super cute swimwear brand if you haven’t yet heard of it. All the suits below are from Beach Riot (I’ll link to everything at the very bottom of this post). A lot of people have messaged me asking about this white tassel suit below – I believe it launches in February and will be online soon so hang tight! Let me know if you want a direct link once it’s out.

This embroidered blue dress was the perfect hybrid between beach cover up and dinner outfit. I threw a pair of block heels into my beach bag and went straight to the restaurant from the pool wearing it.

Wearing a soft floral Beach Riot romper over my bikini, and a matching swimsuit print with Sivan.

My love for one-pieces was definitely reignited on this trip – they’re so easy, classy and you can eat comfortably! This white and pink floral one has an open back and deep V in the front. My sunglasses are from a new favorite line, Sonix (I’ve always used their phone cases and they recently launched sunglasses)

The most beautiful time of day in Cabo was about 5:30 pm, pictured below as the sun started to set and the light became soft and diffused. The ripples in the ocean sparked and the music from the outdoor restaurants echoed as the ambiance graduated from daytime to evening. I can practically hear it just looking at this photo. To the far right at the top of the building is the rooftop bar I mentioned earlier.

Perched in my little abandoned rocky corner of the beach; a five minutes walk down from the hotel cabanas. I’m wearing the “Onyx” Bikini with little laser cutouts, which has a nude mesh lining underneath. I loved the sporty vibe of it.

Find the rest of the bikinis we wore in the Shop the Style bar below! Has anyone else been to the Cape? x

Swimwear by Beach Riot, Red Carter tassel dress, Red Carter blue dress, Lack of Color Hat, Sonix Sunglasses
Photography by Derren Versoza

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